Monday, April 9, 2012

In chase of Wildflowers...

Today we played hooky from life.  We ran away in search of wildflowers.  Rumor was that the bluebonnets were pretty this year.   After last year even ONE flower would be an improvement.  So off we went.   We went down this county road and that Farm to Market road to the next county road then down a hwy a bit and back to a FM or county road.   Lots of back roads at slow speeds.

 We even saw a snake or two.  This one seemed to like his picture taken.   He was in no rush to leave.   He is a coach whip, or racer.  

 We went to Enchanted Rock.   It is a HUGE ROCK.   Of course kids wanted to climb it. 
 I wanted to take flower pictures.  :)  We did some of both!

 I found a lizard.  He was tough to get close enough to for pictures but I got some fair ones. 

 Some of them made it to the top.  T, D10 and I didn't go all the way up.   This was the route we came down on.  It was a little steeper that fun, but doable.

 Believe it or not the highlight of the day for D10 seems to have been getting to smell and touch a bluebonnet.  

Prettiest bluebonnets were West of Llano on what ever little FM road that is that goes on the South side of the Llano river.   This was some of them.

 Girls got goofy on the way home.
 Boys.................. CRASHED!

IT was a fun day.  We drove a little over 300 miles and had lots of adventures and laughs.  The bluebonnets were pretty and there were enough to make the trip worth going, but no where near the blooms of 2 years ago.  

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

You captured some beautiful sites, Nola...except for the snake....though even he is impressive. Love the photos of your crashed boys.