Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Dance

Ever been to a family dance?  I grew up doing them.  Not often, but some.  Last night my DIL, son and a friend hosted a family pot love dinner and dance at sons work place.   It is a mechanic shop so it is really grimed in dirt over 50 years of being a mechanic shop, but that sure didn't stop us from having a LOT of fun.  Pictures aren't very good the were phone pics. 

First dance for my 14 yo.  DIL's brother is dancing with her.  Not sure either was giving much of a choice.   More like siblings parents suggesting they dance.  

DJ central!  They used the Internet and YouTube to find songs.  For the most part they took request and most of it was Country, some OLD dance Country.   Lots of good dancing music.  DJ's did a great job.

Line dancing!

 This is what makes the family dance so special. Kids learning to dance.  Kids asking other kids young adults and adults to dance.  This is my D10 dancing.  He had no problem asking ladies of all ages to dance.

MN and D13 dancing.  My bigger boys didn't plan on dancing.  I looked each one in the eye and explained they would dance ONE dance with mom or I would hound them all night.  Their choice.  They decided too dance with me.  I gave them some very basic instructions and from there they both danced with several girls/ladies.  D13 the most!  

Speaking of D13.  He has a birthday to really be 13 this week.  We jumped the gun and he opened his gift from us at the dance.  LOTs of laughs as it was several books all packaged in a big box with a mixture of boxes of rocks, empty boxes and even one with a very dry cow chip and a note stating, "We got you a cow, but it got away, this is all that is left."   For some reason everything but the books went in the dumpster after he FINALLY got them open.
 Back to dancing.  Don't you love the littles and the bigs all out there together?  It was SOOO fun!   Over and over people said we have to do this more often!  I agree! 

No pictures of the food, but there was LOTS of it and it was SOOOO good!   We had a great turnout.   I am guessing there was between 50-60 people there.  Closer to 60 I think.  This is counting 2 babies. 

Next dance come join us!  It is soooooooo amazingly fun!  

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