Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In the Garden

This morning I wanted to go tie up my tomatoes which were becoming a jungle with our blessed rain.   I like working alone in the quiet of the garden.  It allows me to pray and think and just be.  Quiet moments are rare here.   This morning I had joyful chatter.  Three grands went with me to help.   As they were walking cinder blocks and doing other fun things in the cool mud I discovered this.
It is a rather large tomato worm. Being the squeamish Granola I am I called all three kids over to show them.  I was proud of oldest as he told me what it was.  This is the second one this year already!

I brought it out from under the vines where they could examine it better. Yes, I touched it :)

 So did they!  Each one had to touch. 
Grand daughter's touch was short and sweet, and she was done.  .

 The boys on the other hand were much more into checking it out more

 Once they were off to show everyone else their new treasure grand daughter and I finished tieing up the tomatoes.  She might have gotten to eat three little ones.  We are starting to get several a week.

On our way out of the garden I suggested she pick an onion for lunch.   She was thrilled!
 As you can see my onions have done rather well.  The tops are about all folded over so I need to pick them and find a nice cool dry spot to keep them until they get used.  
I should have taken some garden pics, but that wasn't why I went to the garden so all I had was my phone.   Everything is growing wonderfully with our blessed rain.   We received about 3.5 inches since Monday.   I am very thankful!

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