Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wrapping up May

I'm sure I will blog again before May is over but looking at my track record for the past few months maybe not!

This week kids and I took off early Monday morning to go about 2.5 hours to buy a new bull.  He is a shorthorn, really pretty.   That zapped the last of my energy store.   I came home and crashed. 

We are working on getting ready to go camping.  Last year we went camping with a group of adoptive families.  It is that time again.  We leave in the morning.   Of course that means getting critters streamlined as best we can and not drying cows up.  Son and DIL are gracious in doing them for me.  I don't want it to be any harder than it has to be.  

We have 3 kittens in a cage in the house, 2 we have had a while, they are eating well etc.  Cage because I don't want them running wild.  Third kitten is the latest in kittens the boys come bring in that is less than gentle and less than happy.   Another wild kitten.  The other FOUR gentled in a few days and are happy back in the barn.  This one isn't that gentle yet.  I know they want to keep one of the other two.  MN adopted it as a "replacement" sorta for her cat that died New Years.   For a tabby he is pretty.  White socks and chest, bob tailed.  The other D13 went over with the weed eater, didn't hurt the kitten but it got 'adopted'.  It is a black bob tail.  Anyone want a bob tail black kitten?   Or just ugly tabbies?   I will bless you with them!   The kittens will need food and water once or twice.  I can't figure out how not to do it.  I have water and feed out for the barn kittens.

Then as if that wasn't enough stuff, yesterday my DD (not sure what the D stands for) showed up with a little chick, only it wasn't a chicken, it was peafowl chick.  They couldn't find mama, not sure how hard they looked.  Since chicks don't do well alone it needed a "friend" so out she goes to catch a chicken chick for a buddy.   So again upstairs in the girls room are birds.   This is the 3rd time. MN has done this she likes raising them up there.  I find that interesting. 

In other ranch news I finally got a new buck for my sheep.  It has become a joke.  The dogs killed my buck back when we had to get rid of them :(  I have ask my livestock buyer son to find me one.  He did, first one got loaded on the truck to the feedlot, once there son decided he didn't like the way he was made so he sold him.  Second one got loaded on a truck to NJ I think!  So this time he found the buck and hand delivered him to me.   He is pretty. 

I have spent the day baby sitting AC guys as they installed a new AC unit.   Today was the hottest day all week.  Not only was it the hottest, it was also the stillest, meaning no breeze in the house.   It is done and house is cooling now.  I hope it lowers the electric bill like they claim.

Sorry no pictures!   I am avoiding the heat.  I am also avoiding having to walk and take pictures as our ranger is in the shop. 

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