Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Growth and Maturity

I keep being reminded of the growth and change and even maturity I am seeing especially in some of my kids.  In fact several times I have tried to blog it.  I can't seem to do it justice.  Much like seeing a beautiful mountain and taking a snap shot of it.  It looses so much in the translation.  So understand this is loosing a lot as I share.  Different days I am struck by growth in different ways on different children.

D10 was 8 when we got him.  He came on 4-5 meds can't remember which.  He is on some homeopathic meds I get on line.  I do tell a difference when he misses a few of them.  Where I see growth the most is in conversation.  He makes sense... at least most of the time!   He really is smart, but I think he has never had anyone to guide him in talking so it is scattered.  He can sit still!   He can put up dishes or even wash dishes.  Our greatest issue is doing things to push buttons and make people mad.  It makes people not like him.  The people he pushes away are mom and siblings mainly.  Dad not so much.  It is better though!

T who is now 11 is still the energizer bunny.  She was 4 when we got her.   She always has 47 projects going, most never get finished unless I become mean mom and make her.  She has a dress that mom is about to lay the law down on sewing.  Once I pin her down and make her spend an hour a day sewing she will do it and be proud.  As a cook she is awesome.  She is always trying new things and changing recipes.  She cooks at the speed of sound also.  She cooks for 8-10 when she cooks and does it great.   She holds the record for the best lasagna of any of them.

D13, or he will be 13 next week, is tall, as tall as the 15 yo.  Remember the child that was afraid to stick his face in the water even setting on the pool steps?  Today he was playing swiming in the pond chasing the boat across and such.   Amazing!   He loves to build and to work with his hands.  He weed eats for fun!   His birthday presents are books on building/crafts.  He doesn't know yet so don't share.   Tonight he made steak fingers, mash potatoes, and mixed veggies for supper.  They were wonderful.  I didn't even go in the kitchen!  We have had him 2.5 years also.

MN is now 14 or she would say 14.5!   She has become a very "normal" young lady.  She is making life choices that are good.  Choices like doing school and passing.  When I brag things topple so I am praying as I state what I am seeing I don't regreat it.   She was 7 when we got her and already full of rebellion.  I don't see the rebellion in her like I have so many years.  Yes, we have issues but she is 14!

MJ is now 15.  Some days I see such growth and glimpes of the man he can become.  Some days I feel fustered and sad that he isn't getting enough reality into his head.   Bottom line is much of it is teen boy I know.  He loves the littles and can often be found toting them around.  Really both big boys are often doing that.  He some days surprises me with insite.   I think back to the little 8 yo who walked in circles and had very limited IQ or so we were told.  Not! 

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