Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayer Request on our Adoption Journey...

Ebb and flow of life around here is fun and amazing and so highly blessed.   Who has time to blog!  I am way to busy living life. 

This is birthday month!   Two down four more to go!   We are jumping the gun on our guest birthday since we don’t know for sure if she will be here next weekend or not.  We have her now so we will take advantage of it.   She requested cherry cheese cake.  Case worker shared she was disappointed at not having a “party” last year.  We are doing our normal birthday.  Family!   That might be considered a party.   I’m not sure who can make it and who will miss it.   We will enjoy the cake and the fellowship either way.   I will let her help make her cake.   They are super simple!  

I do have a very specific prayer request for our guest.   I can’t imagine being moved into a new home, new world, new rules, new….. fill in the blank!   Please pray that her heart be protected.  That this goes extremely smooth.  Pray for the foster family also as this has to be hard on their end also. 

Other life happenings I have two in braces.  They are doing very well with care of them.   I’m not sure I blogged about it as they had teeth pulled and braces the week before Thanksgiving.  

Our school year will end the last of Feb.  I do pray for some direction on some of their school.  I love SOS.  For most of them I think it is great.  I have one or two though that I’m not sure are college bound.  I wonder what direction is best to get the most education in the time left before they are grown. 

I guess I have several specific and general prayer requests.  I pray our guest mesh.  She seems to be doing well at it.  I pray that she have a teachable spirit and the ability to bond.   I pray for hearts, especially hers to be protected.  I pray for wisdom for all of us as we grow individually and as a family, that we quickly become family in the ways that are important.  No last minute glitches in moving her here, from her side or our side of this adoption journey.  
I also ask that prayers be said to protect all of us from hurtful people that don't understand the call to adopt, especially older children.   That the negative just not be spoken.   That people speak blessings both in our hearing and away, but especially in the hearing of our children.   We do know that adopting a 17 yo isn't every one's calling.   Seventeen year old's deserve a forever family just as much as newborns!  

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DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

Praying for all the things you mention. God bless you and your guest.