Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sharing our weekend

We picked our guest up Friday.  She was very excited about helping make her cake.  I have lots of smiling pic., but I am not sharing face views.... yet :)   So you have to have some of the less good pictures.
 One of the special things we planned this weekend was a birthday cake.  She isn't 17 yet, but we weren't sure if she would get to be here ON her birthday.   She has gotten to do lots more first.  Above she is crushing graham crackers for a cake.   Then below licking the filling from her cheese cake.  She had never licked a bowl!  I so wish I could share the picture of her with the huge smile on her face and a spatula she is licking.
She got to spread cherries on her cheese cake!  Then lick the spatula before it went in the sink.
 Birthday time!   She was excited.  Gifts before cake!  

 Another first!  A blanket tent!   T 12 ask if she and guest could make a blanket tent to listen to Hank.  Guest had no idea what she was doing.   T was a fast teacher.   Then they settled in with LOTS of giggles to listen to Hank the Cowdog, another first!
I wish I could capture the giggles and smiles on here.   All the girls seem to be meshing well.  Pecking order is still up for grabs.  I really see her meshing into middle girl roll.  She is older but younger in many ways than MN.  T will still be youngest girl.

Continued prayers for hearts!  I so see God's hand in her smile.  We have a meeting on Wed. with our new agency.  Prayers as we meet with them for training. Yes we have done this for years, and yes I always have to take thoughts captive and trust God.  I have saw some amazing God moves in this walk.  I know that He is guiding it.  I just battle the flesh.

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Tasha said...

Always praying! Your journey excites me and I live my dreams through your journey.