Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fun filled Saturday Dec. 1

We have had a wonderful weekend.  I took a few pictures of the quiet day at home. 
I got to watch littles while mom went bike riding with assorted bigger kids, those that had chores done, wanted to and could ride a bike.
 1 year old and I sat on the porch. She was totally happy just setting.  Then big dog came along.  Did I mention he LOVES her.   He sat down beside her.  
 Then he laid down beside her.  It was so sweet listening to her coo to this massive ball of fur that was begging to be touched. 

 She lost interest before the dog did.  She wondered off leaving a sad puppy.   We came inside to see 16 yo teaching 3 yo how to make survival bracelets.
 On to find a new animal to pet.  This is my big tom cat.  I find it funny he kept being where she was. He wouldn't leave either, and didn't scratch. 
 While everyone else played, 13 yo played in his own way.  He loves to build.  His dad told him he could work in the bathroom.  He paneled the whole bathroom insulating it first today.   This wasn't just straight cuts, but under stairs!  He did come and tell me he cut one piece backwards for the angel of the stairs.  He was content but exhausted tonight.  He would come get his brother to help hold a few pieces with him.  
 More survival bracelet making.  Yes, that is our guest.  She did awesome.  We had a good weekend. 
Guest trying her hands at making a bracelet. 
Board games, I personally think of them as four letter words, but others seem to like them.
 Even littles like them, even when they just set in laps and watch.  
 We had a friend out today.  Grand daughter and her dd played well together. 
 Cookies?  Yes!   Chocolate chip from ear to ear!   They were good 15 yo made them.
 Because she ask me to take hers also!  She got a picture taken. 
 Jumping on the trampoline! 

Bike repair shop!  Friends sons brought bikes out to ride, but first they needed some TLC.  We drug 13 yo away from building project to work on bikes.  He is handy to have around!

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