Monday, August 26, 2013

Another Essential Oil Post

I am in love with oils even more as they probably kept me from a doctor’s visit last week and antibiotics.   I developed a pain in my big toe Wed. morning.  At first it felt like I had bumped it and maybe cut the top between the nail bed and the first joint.  I ignored it.   The pain got worse.   I ignored it.  Finally it was bad enough it felt like I had kicked a step as hard as possible with my big toe.  I could hardly walk on it.   I pulled my five fingers off to discover my big toe was BIG and inflamed all the way to the foot joint.   It  HURT.  

I started aggressively battling it both in prayer and in the natural.  Wed. afternoon I think I used several oils, soaked it in Epson salt, used the stinking stuff for muscles, first the non doTERRA stinking stuff, since I really dislike the smell of Deep Blue, then the Deep Blue, used arnica,   more oils, more soaking, ice, all the while the pain is getting worse my toe is red/purple, now the whole toe.  No way my five fingers will work.  My crocs HURT. 

I do more reading on oils and infection.   I start using Frankincense, oregano, On Guard, followed by heat.  Each time I apply oils I pray over my toe, telling it to line up, that it is healed.  I thank God for the oils and the knowledge to use them. I stop the spread of the redness.  It stops hurting as bad.   I continue doing this on Thur.  Before I went to town and when I got home.  It still hurts, but the swelling is less the redness has retreated back to just the toe.  

Thursday night I read to use the different blends on an infection to get a broader spectrum effect.  I pull out my Purify.  I add it to the mix, using On Guard some and Purify some, Always with Frankincense and Oregano, followed by my warm corn bag.  My toe is improving slowly the deep red/purple is gone, left in the foot/first joint is a bruising on the bottom of my foot.  It hurts but I can again wiggle my toe.  I couldn’t on Wed.  It was to swollen/painful to move.  Pain is MUCH less though.  It is healing. 

Friday I continue to battle, but the toe is looking much better, feeling much better.  It has developed a crusty, yucky dried yellowish something around the edge of the toe nail.  Much like if you peel an orange and let the juice dry on your nails.   I discover that peroxide boils when poured on it.  So I add that to my attack.  Each day it is better.   By Sunday morning it was much like a bad ingrown toenail.  By Sunday night it was much like a so so ingrown toenail, still with a pretty serious red area between the nail bed and first joint. 

This morning almost all the redness is gone!!!!  It is still sore if I curl my toe tight, but the pain is almost gone!

 I have no idea what caused this attack.  I hadn’t had an ingrown toe nail or cut or bruise, anything.  It was serious enough quick enough I knew if it didn’t start the other way quickly I would have to break down and go to the doctor.  I can’t say enough good about the oils and how they changed the direction of this infection so quickly.   Yes, Frankincense is expensive, but even if I had used the whole bottle, which I didn’t it would have been cheaper than walking into the dr. office.   I doubt I used $50 worth of oils in all the oiling I was doing, even though I was putting several oils on several times a day.   I avoided the use of antibiotics and the $$$ of a Dr. visit, not even discussing what other yuck I would come in contact with while at the doctors.  I will continue to oil and apply heat at least twice a day until the rest of the redness and tenderness is gone.  I will continue to praise God for my healing each time I apply oils and each time I think of my toe throughout the day.  I give Him the credit!   I thank Him for bringing me into the world of Essential oils.  

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