Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to posting....

The not posting started with a couple of days of thunderstorms of a morning. Then life would start for the day and I just wouldn't take the time to post. With working in the educational center I wasn't even near the computer most of the day so it made it easy not to post.

I have spent more time with God, not always in His Word, but just meditating on Him. I have been seeking some answers to some needs/wants. But I am now back to posting... maybe not as often but some. For today I may do a couple if I find time to go take education center pictures.
For now you will just have to see my new way of roasting chili's.

I bought this pizza maker at the flea market. I payed a WHOLE $3 for it.

I thought making personal pan pizza in the camper would be great with this. We could do it on the table outside the RV and not heat the RV up. First I needed to see if it even worked. So since I had a few chili's that needed roasting I wondered.......

What would happen if we tossed them on the pizza maker?
Since it worked I then had another brain storm!

Get a child to do it! Well really this child was BEGGING to roast chili's.

Once they are roasted you have to "sweat" them a while. You put them in something with a lid while they are hot.

Roasted Chili's! She did 3 pans full! We will peel them this afternoon and freeze them. I am hoping I can buy a few more sacks full before the season is over. IF you decide to do this use gloves to peal them!!!!!!!

On to other news!!!
New Babies! Well they really aren't babies. They are bred jersey heifers. We named them Blossom and Buckets. Buckets went through several names before we settled on Buckets. She is the smaller of the two cows. She has horns, for now. The vet will "fix" that later. I wasn't sure just how gentle they were when we bought them. I knew they weren't crazy wild. The guy had 5 of them and about 5 other cows in a pasture. He poured out some feed and I walked through them back and fort as a stranger to see just which ones spooked. The prettiest one took her business and just left the feed. She got Xed on my list of possibles. Then I had 4 to pick from! Oh decisions, decisions! I loved Blossom. She was so picture perfect jersey. While Buckets wasn't near as pretty, in part I know because I don't like horns. She was the "ugly duckling" of the 4.
We got them Sunday evening. They were skittish and wouldn't let us touch. When I went to the barn on Monday morning MN had the curry comb and was combing Blossom. Buckets was still doing the touch me not routine. We messed with them off and on and on and on and off all day. It didn't take long for Blossom to be in the way of what ever you are doing in her pen, which for now is the back yard/pool pen. While Buckets would just avoid touching, unless you dumped feed out in a bucket. Anytime she sees a bucket of any size here she comes! She even checked out the green chili peels in a bucket!

Last night S told me she petted Blossom while she was swimming. Think of cow hanging her head over the pool for a pat.
This morning I petted both of them all over, even their udders. Buckets did give me half hearted attempt at a kick. I was not in range. I was messing with her udder at the time. It could have been a fly biting her on my side it was that half hearted. She didn't even stop eating her feed.

Later I took the camera out for pictures. Talk about a chore. I did get a picture of the flies on Blossoms face as she checked the camera out and tried to lick it.

With some work and the help of a tree I got some better pictures.




Blossom from a distance. Isn't she pretty?

While I was trying to take pictures T went and got some feed for them.
When Buckets saw the bucket here she came.
Blossom didn't want to be left out!
What was funny is neither one really wanted what she had to offer. They just had to check out what was in the can. I think Buckets might have taken ONE bite.
When I looked at these cows on Sat. There was one more that was HEAVY bred I wanted. I REALLY wanted her. In fact I bought her too, but she had trouble calving that night and was down Sunday when we went to get her. We called to check on her last night and she is getting up but not ready to be hauled in a trailer. I still want her. I am praying she will be ready to travel by this weekend. He was going to get a calf for her since she lost hers. I hope it all works out since she was my pick.
OK off here to peel chili's and maybe get education center pictures.


Derek said...

Beautiful cows! I was wondering when you were going to post some pictures of them. When are they due?

Jan said...

Finally! A month without getting read your posting is waaayyy too long. Glad everyone is doing well. And I love the cows!

Keeping you guys in prayer,

aka PraiseHisName