Thursday, August 5, 2010

I should blog.........

Life is just busy!   I have enjoyed having a house guest this week.  She was a very nice guest.  I have enjoyed her beautiful DD.   They were both a blessing.  I hope they enjoyed the week.  I think mom was a tiny bit bored... make that bored out of her mind :)  But her DD loved the animals and playing outside.  

She is going home this evening.  She and my DIL and all three kids were going to a Cowboy Church music something tonight and this way she can work tonight after that.  Her foster family will be home tonight.   They will come out tomorrow to get her stuff.   

Tomorrow my SIL and nephew are and grand baby are coming for the weekend.   :)  We are doing Taco Salad/Frito Salad for supper tomorrow night, then New Mexico Enchiladas for Sat. night.  I figure the rest of the meals we can wing!   DIL has to go pick her DD up in OK City on Sat.  I can't imagine her not wanting to drag a 19 month old straight up and straight back.    I quickly offered to keep him.  My son goes to an auction about 4 hours away on Sat.   I seem to be the logical choice.    My nephew is going to renew his CHL this weekend being one of my sons first guinea pigs, er students.   SIL will work on teaching DIL and T more crochet.    Should be a fun full weekend.

Forgot that tomorrow a friend is coming out for a Bible study/visit.  She invited another friend, so we should have 20-30 kids for a while.   Not bad for 4 families.    I may do a quick invite to a new homeschooler I have only met on line.   

Well DH is home so off to visit!

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