Sunday, August 1, 2010

A week in Review.......

Life just keeps happening and I don't seem to take the time to post.   I think finishing my 40 day "fast" from playing on the Internet will give me more day time to play.   I really didn't get more done while I was off the net.  If anything I got less.  

Here is a quick week in review of some of the happenings.

MN teaching D11 how to feed the puppies. 
Puppies are doing great!  They finally opened their eyes.  They are 2 weeks old today.  They are EXTREEMLY fat!  
This one is trying to escape out of the box that is his home.

Isn't she cute?   Doesn't she look grown up?
Nap time.........but for who?
She never did go to sleep, but grandad got some nap and some just eyes closed before we rescued.  

This week is going to be interesting as I am doing respit for a teen mom and her 1 yo dd.  We met her at retreat and she needed a place to stay this week as her foster family were going out of state.   It should prove to be an interesting and growing time for all.  

Two of my kids are getting ready for "Trek" which is 4 days hiking in the mountains of CO.   Personally I think they are NUTS!   They will be hiking with full packs including all their food and sleeping stuff 4-6 miles a day.  Two days in, two days out!    This is a yearly event for some of the kids and dads from church.   They are excited.  

D11 finished 5th grade this week.  He is SOOOOOOOO excited to have totally finished a grade level.   For him seeing the completion of his work was awesome.  He is now bugging me to load his 6th grade.  I will do it tomorrow.  

Anyone want to get their Concealed Handgun License?  My son is now a certified teacher!   Check out his blog:  He would love to teach those that want to love to shoot even if they aren't wanting their CHL. 

Hope everyone has a blessed week!

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