Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To Hot to Post

I guess it really isn't, but the heat is really sapping energy.   We have been over 100 for over a week now with maybe a 99 in the extended forecast.   Makes for wanting vacation fast!   We are down to a month until vacation.  DH has already made reservations at RV parks in both Santa Fe and Mora.  

I did finish my Bible Study, "A Call to Die".  it was good.  It did challenge me in some ways.   I am glad it is over.  I did miss popping in and out on the computer all day.  I found it really wasn't the time waster I thought it was.  I seem to get more done doing that than staying off.   I am about to start a new one called "Crazy Love"  I have heard it is good.  I will let you know. 

We have a "tentative" date set for the finalization of the Adoption.  Aug. 26th.   I am pretty sure it is the date, but they had to double check someones calender.  Since they haven't gotten back to us then it should be the date.   Only 2 months behind when we could have adopted.   Seems moving a case from one county to another is difficult.  I know that the kids will be glad when it is done.  

Someone sent me the two emails I posted.  I liked them.  They were combined when I got them. I split them up.   I remember hearing the Gun History on Paul Harvey several times over the years.  It is worth thinking about and considering.  The other one sorta sums up why I carry.   I do find it interesting how I have evolved into carrying all the time.   I remember thinking how heavy and uncomfortable it was to start, now it is just part of my dress.  I have used it on skunks and rattlesnakes.   It came in handy!  I used it about a week ago on my walk for a rattlesnake.   This was the first time I had shot my FN for anything but target.   Still found it hard to hit a snake stretched out.  I managed it finally!  

Yesterday I got to keep grand kids so I had 7 running around here instead of 5.  Then when DIL was over we had 9.  It really is amazing to me how calm my house can be with 7-9 kids in and out.   They played outside a LOT yesterday even though it was hot.  Shade trees and a shaded porch was all they needed.   They all looked like little pigs last night.  I get to keep them again on Thursday.   Hey, not as good as mom going to school, but mom catching up on paper work beats nothing!  Maybe we can extend this through the year.  

I copied this link from another blog I read.   100 diabetes-friendly recipes.  I haven't checked it out yet.  I plan on it in my "spare" time.   It looks interesting.   I know many of us are trying to eat better maybe this will have some good ideas.

Time and past time to go milk.  I am now milking 2 cows.  The cow did calve last week.  She had a heifer.  That blew my friend out of the water that said bull calf.  I can't wait to tell him.   :)  We are starting to do the back stroke in milk.   Anyone want some?   

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