Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011

After being without an Internet connection since Thursday I am FINALLY back among the world!   It is amazing how many things you think of you want to look up or post or share.  

One morning we were blessed with an exceptional sunrise. 

 I had been seeing sun rises a lot more last week as I was checking to see if my little cow calved.  Last year she lost her calf as she was young and calf was to big.  We bought her the day before she calved.  We didn't pick her up before she calved.  The guy did make good and we got a holstein bull calf with her.   She raised it, then 4 goats and one lamb, plus supplied us with milk, and fed this and that I needed feeding along with her "babies".  New Years Eve she presented us with a TINY bull calf.
I checked her and she was walking away from the other cows, so I went back in an hour and she already had him on the ground. 

Not much other news happening.  School and kids is how our life circles. Hope everyone is having a blessed day.

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