Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Monday!

We had an awesome weekend.  Buffalo Gap on Sat. Found the kids a couple of coats at a good price.   Then out to eat at our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch.  On back to town.  I am looking for a new sectional sofa.   I have bought ONE new piece of furniture in 30+ years of marriage, our water bed.   I really want a comfortable recliner/sofa.   I also want more seat room than what we have now.  I think a Sectional is the best of both worlds.  We found one we liked on Sat.  Dh I  think is going to buy it today and bring it home on Tue.  That means today or tomorrow I need to move some stuff and have it ready for DH and strong young sons to move heavy furniture.   Anyone want an uncomfortable double recliner couch?   It is from a pet and kid friendly home.  

Sunday was the Rodeo.  This is the only professional sport I am interested in.  The only one I would pay money to go see.   We started the day off at Cowboy Church, then out to eat as a huge church family.   After that back to see the exhibits and then the rodeo.  MN had entered 2 drawings in the creative arts, and DIL two photo's.  Neither won anything, but it was a learning experience. 

Once the rodeo was over I was SOOO ready to go home.  I am battling a cold and deep coughs.   I came home and went to bed.  I rested well and started the day off feeling much better.   I am feeling tired as I keep coughing, but over all much improved.  

Today I hit the floor running.  Started off by stripping my bed.  I had sheets on to wash before 7 am.  Then I discovered I was almost out of laundry soap.  I have one more load of laundry to do.   I have a new 5 gallons of laundry soap made. 

We have an excess of milk so I decided to make cottage cheese.  I have about 3 gallons of milk 1/2 made into cottage cheese.   I am hoping kids will decided make lasagna with some of the cottage cheese.  They need to pull the recipe out and see what all else we need to buy.  

Thursday is town day.  We are planning playing at the park before therapy.   We will take a lunch and hang out with friends a while then do therapy.   Between now and then I have a list I want to achieve.  Life is never slow or dull around here.

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