Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New couch and wild Indians...

Dh brought our new sectional home last night.  After much struggling and MUCH mumbling and work we finally got it in the house.  I told kids they better like it, it won't be replaced!  I also said if I had known it would have been this big a hassle  I would have stuck with what I had.  
 As we were cleaning and moving what was in the living room I Shocked my dd.  I told her this was the first new couch I had EVERY in my life had.    It is true!   We tend to do early American Garage sale.   The only reason I didn't buy that vintage sectional was I couldn't find one!  I have been looking!   A part of me feels silly for spending that much money on a couch, but I also figure once every 50 years is worth it.  

It filled the room more than I had planned.  I am so visual that I have to see it IN place to see it.  But even DH said it was a tad bigger than he had expected.  It will take getting use to but will be very nice.  

Now on to the painted Indians.   I bought sidewalk chalk again.................
See the strange looking sidewalk art?   It is sorta hard to see it but grand daughters face is NOT usually that pink.  T's face is MUCH darker and Grand son's face doesn't have white spots. 

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Felicia said...

Wow, that is a huge sectional! Looks like you could fit a few more kids on there..... I hope that your pieces stay together better then mine do.