Friday, February 18, 2011


This morning playing on the porch. 

Boys aren't the only ones that like trucks!

See this cabinet.  It is close to 1/2 a century old.   My mom made this for me out of apple crates when I was little.   I loved it!  I still love it!   Don't look at the pile of shoes in front off it, but look at the little arm reaching out of the open door.

Closer look of the open door!He had gathered a blanket and a pillow and I thought headed to the bedroom.  I followed to find him building him a nest in the little cabinet.  He ask me to shut the door for him.   I did.  He laughed.  He didn't stay in there very long.  Something about getting still for to long and being asleep. 

This was the other day.   See the small child in the baby stroller? 

Better look at small child.

Today again....
 Yes that is a lamb. Yes, it is in my living room.
I was working on this blog post today when I discovered grandson loving on this lamb.  It was worth a shot or two. 

As to why the lamb is in the house?  We picked him up this morning. Mama walked off and left him I am guessing, without ever feeding him.  He was pretty weak.  Isn't nursing well so we are feeding him as much as we can get down him every hour or so.  As much might be a tablespoon.  It is just easier than trying to to to the barn to feed him.   Maybe he will make it.   He is acting stronger.

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