Friday, February 25, 2011

A day in the life............

This morning I traded 2 for 1!  I traded a 10 yo girl for two grand kids!  What a trade!  That gave me three grandkids to chase today.    :)    Can you say LAP FULL?
Grand daughter was in my lap, older grandson joined her.  Then she got down, until she discovered other grandson had taken HER place in my lap.  So we had a lap full.  

I believe it teaching responaiblity.  That means chores.   Today D9 had sweep kitchen.   While others were washing dishes and cleaning cabinets D would position himself in their way and not move.  That earned him stool time until they fninshed their part of the kitchen.   Once they were done then he got to do his part. 

Or not.......

 This was his "mad" face.   I was so unmoved.  He kept being moved as he didn't like having his picture taken in mad mode.   Made it all the more fun to snap shots! 

Finally, he decided to "break" the broom.  That earned him stool time until he could find a better attitude and go sweep the kitchen correctly.   For D it was a short wait.  Maybe 10 minutes of setting on the stool and he announced he was going to go sweep and get his school all done.   Then in maybe 5 minutes he was done sweeping

Do you ever just know someone in Heaven is looking down smiling?   That is these next few pictures.  They kids are playing with blocks.  Very special blocks!   My mom made these blocks for HER gandkids!  They are really scraps of wood left over from making turtal foot stools.    She made and sold many many of them.  She had many many of these half moon pieces of 2x6.   Her grand kids, these kids daddies played HOURS and HOURS with them at her house.  Then they were moved to our house.  Where the boys continued to play with them for years.  Our other kids played with them too, but they had been put away so they are "new"  toys.  

But as usual the container is as much fun or more than the toy.  Look at the underside of this "chair". 
 Yes, oldest grandson is under the crate.  I heard him once telling them to, "Come sit on me."   Then telling me that they were "squishing" him.   The can't decide what is more fun the crate or the blocks. 

The other day I came in from outside to find someone using paper towels.  
 She did try to convince me she just needed to blow her nose.   :) 

It is almost lunch time!   Then three littles will all go down for a nap.   I put the two boys in the same room.  I do tend to hover until they shut their eyes.  Usually they are so tired by nap time it doesn't take long.  

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Thanks for posting the pictures! too cute!