Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Pics from about the last 2 weeks.

Between weather and retreat life has been over the top busy.   I have taken a few quick snaps with the camera but not many.  I didn't even take mine to retreat.  I knew I would be way to busy.  That was DIL's job.   Also some pictures are here of retreat: You can also see some on Face book under Heart of Motherhood Encounter.   Just search for it.  You can also start saving for next years and mark your calender.

I came in from chores to see this picture.  I couldn't resist!  Yes, he is in trouble, does it show?

I think most of these pictures are the first storm. It was really yucky for days.  We had temps down about 10.  That wasn't windchill.
 Swimming pool wasn't inviting to anyone.  No one in the polar bear club here.

We hauled buckets and BUCKETS of warm water to the stock.   Three gallons in a 5 gallon bucket was about all we could handle at a time.  
 Stock needs extra feed when it is cold.  I did cheat and use my truck not the ranger.  Mainly because the ranger does not do cold and wouldn't start! 

Cats didn't seem to mind the cold.  They had a nice barn to sneak back into.  
It really isn't hard to figure out why my kids don't like cold weather.  

 This is a peacock in a tree.  See his tail?  It is sticking straight out.  The wind was blowing that hard.  Behind them should be DIL and son's house, but it is hidden by snow. 
This was middle of the day even.  They didn't even want to come out of the tree.  Seems peafowl do NOT like snow.  They are from India and snow and long tails don't mix, neither does ice. 

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Very beautiful pictures.