Monday, June 13, 2011

Week in review 6-6 through 6-12

Not even sure what day these pictures were taken.  I thought they were so cute.    She didn't build it, but was really wanting to take it apart. 

Like I didn't have more stuff than I need going on in 100 degree weather, I found THIS in my feed barrel. 

 There are about a dozen chicks with her.  The kids didn't want them to be cat food so she and her babies are now in a cage in the barn. 

 This picture had to be Tue or Wed.  Aren't they cute?

On Thursday we went to town and did a petting zoo for our favorite Librarian.  She ask us to do it.   We took the donkey and a few other critters.  I couldn't get good pictures since I was holding a milk goat in one hand and a horn toad in the other.  

Love the shoes!!! They belong to T.   This child loves shoes!  She wears any ones shoes that aren't on their feet.  Some times it is interesting trying to find your shoes if you took them off and she is here.  

I am a fanny pack person.  I need one to keep up with the stuff I carry.  Like my 5/7. I don't like them so thick.  The ones you buy are to fat.  I don't need bulk space, just enough for my gun, my phone, my CC and licenses.  So I have spent a week or so designing in my head.   Yesterday I started assembling it.  I have to say I am VERY pleased with the end results.
It has three compartments, one in the back for my toy, then a center pocket that would really hold a lot if you wanted to bulk it out.  on the front I have three small pockets.  Two are phone size one is phone size sideways.  

In non picture news the adoption matching party was a bust.  I did cross off a few kids that I had wondered about.  I met some case workers and maybe will have something down the road from that.   It was a nice day of just Dh and I.   I totally enjoyed it.

This week I don't have much planned.   Just avoiding the heat.   It is way to hot, 100+ every day.   Thursday is town, and Sat. we will go to the flea market.  I know it is hot, but hey we eat Chinese and then maybe dh will go look at RV's.   I am dreaming again. 

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