Monday, June 6, 2011

Week in Review May 30-June 5

Random snap shots of life around here.  I have decided if I get one blog post a week that re-caps our week I am doing good.  I haven't been spending much time on the computer.  I find with my smart phone I can quickly check email and a few of the forums and face book in a matter of minutes then on to the next project I am working on.   I don't often reply to anything on the phone, my texting is slow to say the least.   If I have a long post I will boot up the 'puter or wait.  Usually I wait then forget it.  I didn't even turn this 'puter on this weekend.  

 No he really doesn't own a pink hat, but TJ does!  Possession is 9/10 of the law right?

 Guess he has started potty training?  I hear he is doing awesome.  Guess I will find out on Tue.  

The other day I was using the sprayer.   I had small children that wanted a "drink".  DIL got the camera and took way to many cute pictures.  I couldn't decided which of them to share.

This might be my favorite.  

 D9 was reading to grand kids.  Really just to 3 yo.   He was pointing the words out and telling him what they were.  I wouldn't be surprised if he picks up sight reading before long.   Grand daughter loves books but her version of reading is flipping pages faster than you can get the first word read. Yet, she is the one carrying books around wanting some one to "read" to her.
 We were playing peep eye.  I couldn't resist this picture from my phone as she popped out at me.  
Seems I have pictures of all the grand kids "cooking"  she loves to spend time in the outdoor kitchen.  That little kitchen center I bought for T about 4-5 years ago for a whopping $5 has more than paid for it's self.   Same with the cookware she got for her birthday one year. 

 Dog days of summer?   Gotta stay cool some way.  I don't think this dog ever drinks except with all 4 feet in the water. 
 Look close at this.  See the scooter?  See the wheels of a tonka truck?   T came up with this idea.  She hooks the tonka truck on the scooter, then allows small children to ride in the bed of the dump truck as she scoots around the porch.  Dogs help with everything around here. 
They have decided riding tricycles on the dirt is tough work.  They ride many miles back and forth on the porch with the two trikes.  I do think one of them bit the dust yesterday something about spokes breaking from years of use.  These were OLD when we bought them.  The have had hard use since we got them.

Life not in pictures includes selling some of my sheep.  It makes me really sad, but we are SOOOO unbelievable dry.   I first cut about 1/2 of them to sell, amidst lots of tears.  DH didn't want me to sell that many as my sheep have evolved into a breed unto themselves that have lots of qualities I like.  They don't need shearing, they seldom need worming, they usually produce twins, and usually breed back before the lambs are weaned, which means instead of a lamb crop every year I am getting 2 in a year to 18 months.  Most breeds of sheep don't do that.  Not even counting that the lambs are extremely hardy and grow very fast and bring top $$$$.  So I resorted this morning and got rid of about 10 head of my "crazy" sheep.  Some of them just go nuts in the pen.  I have no tears of selling them. 

One was extremely crazy this morning.  She jumped out of the working chute, then jumped OVER it, then went over two more 4x4 panel fences.  I sent MN, T and D12 to get her.  MJ and I continued putting scabies tags in ears.  They have to have one in any sheep or goat over a year old.   I couldn't find my pliers so was using a make do method.   Finally T came running to say MN had her and needed help.  W went and got the ranger and found MN laying on top of the crazy sheep.   I grabbed front legs MJ got back legs.  Then MN got off the sheep.  We hoisted her into the ranger where MN again got on top of here while boys held legs.  I took her straight to the trailer.  She didn't get an ear tag.  It will cost m $1 but well worth it not to have her escape again.   MN is starting to feel the pain of her sheep adventure.  She thought it was fun until the rush wore off now she is finding pains here and there.  

This week is shaping up to be interesting.  We are doing a small petting zoo on Thursday for the County Library.  We are just taking a few of the gentler things.  Peg, our black goat that came to us as a newborn with no hair or muscle on one leg.  It really looked gross.  She grew hair but still limps on it.  She loves to be loved.   Then a sheep of some age so these kids can see and touch a real sheep.   I am not sure on the donkey.  It will depend on how she loads.  I want the kids to catch a chicken and maybe a goose or duck or Guinna.  It isn't a big petting zoo, lasting maybe an hour.  It IS in the middle of the afternoon so it will be HOT.  I told T she couldn't bring her rabbit.  I think it will just be to hot for a bunny.

Not much else going on this week.  Just continue to try to stay cool and avoid the heat.  We are right at 100 every day and no end in sight.  Please join me in praying for life giving rain for the areas so stricken with drought.  Drought monitor  If you look at how much is the dark brown you will see how much prayer is needed. 

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