Monday, June 27, 2011

Week in Review June 20

I'm not sure where the week or the month went.  This week seemed calm.  Of course my idea of calm is not the same as other peoples   Two days we had 10 kids 1.5-14 years old.   Most people would think that was wild.  It wasn't. 

One day I found a small rat snake and passed it to MN to share with all the kids before they let it go in the barn. 

 Spaghetti is always good, but for this small child she really enjoyed it!
 Last week I ask the kids where my infinity loom was.  I was wanting to do something new.   I didn't have anything but basic yarn to do with but figured I would get some I liked next time we went to town.  I discovered this on clearance! My plan is to make a shawl out of it for this/next winter or the winter after.  When ever I get it finished.  I have started it.  I am using two strings, and doing  a black and a color,  I started with the purple, which looks more blue in this picture   I haven't decided if I will keep the black thread running through out as I use all the different colors.   It should be pretty and very warm!   I have a light weight shawl I made I love for cold mornings.  It is amazing how much warmer you can be just with a simple shawl.

Funky bird?  What is it?   We saw it in the baby pen with the peacocks and chickens.  He wasn't overly afraid.  We took pictures and went back to life.  

Life included working on the windmill.  Right now the well has no water, but the windmill still needs to be fixed and ready when it does rain and we do have water again.  The mil was sounding like a bucket of cats with their tails mashed in the door. 
It is nice that our 24 yo son use to work on windmills with an expert.  So he volunteered to go up.  First thing was tying it off as the brake isn't holding well.  The wind wasn't blowing a lot but enough.

 Once that was done he called for reinforcements.  That was our 14 yo son.  His first trip up the tower.  At this point mom decided her nerves would work better IN the house and not watching.  :)  
 DIL was also watching and taking pictures. 
 Grand daughter was busy climbing a mountain.  :)
 Back to the goofy bird.   It moved from the baby pen to the side porch on top of my swing! 

I got within about 6 ft of him taking pictures.  He wasn't to worried.  We then got the bird book out and looked him up.  We think it is a Juvenal Yellow-crowned Night Heron  like this one. 

Last and least is our new "pet"   MJ caught it Sat evening.   It was in the front yard.  They kids have been catching grasshoppers and such for it.  I don't think they will keep it long, but it is interesting to look at it for a couple of days before they turn it loose. 

Only other news I can think of is that I sold a few more of my livestock.  We loaded a cow that didn't calf when she should and a big calf to go to the sale.  We are finishing off a bull calf at my son's feed pens as that is easier and safer than trying to pour feed out for him each day. 

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