Monday, June 20, 2011

Week In Review June 13-20

HOT is the word that best describes this week.  Our temps have been over 100 every day, some days closer to 110 than 100.   It isn't cooling off at night either.  Our lows have been in the low 80s.   We have been close to 100 at dark.   That doesn't leave a lot of energy for things.  

The one thing we did this week was tie dye t-shirts.  
First kids decided how they wanted them folded or twisted or tied.
 Then we dropped the wet tied up shirts into washing soda.   They recommend this happening before you tie them up, but with all the littles doing it I decided to just soak them in the washing soda instead of having the kids fold them with the washing soda which can be caustic.
Some of the different fold styles....


Isn't she pretty?  She is also very very tired.
 She is rocking herself on the footstool of the glider rocker.   I think if I hadn't gotten the camera she would have went to sleep.
 Yesterday we went to visit DH step mom, who has always been a awesome women.  It seems her life and ours haven't meshed in a long time to visit.  Either she is traveling, or we are busy or we get sidetracked.  It is so easy to put off stuff like a visit.  Sunday it worked out where we could go visit.  Older son and his family went too.   He was so nice as to wash my windshield in the bus as I took his picture.

Grand Mother Gene has always had box turtles.  People rescued them off the roads and give them to her.  She keeps them in her back yard.  She feeds them and they even come when she calls them to eat.  She numbers them with fingernail polish.  I think she has about 15 this year. 

 The t-shirts have to soak in the dye for 24 hours in a warm place.  We have done two batches.  Last batch I suggested sticking them in the BBQ pit outside.  I figured that would be WARM.
Here is the results of that dying party.  The shirts are beautiful. 

Aren't they pretty?   We are thrilled with the results and they really aren't that hard, or messy to make!

One thing I want to try this week is grinding mesquite beans and making flour and bread.  We have been blessed with a bumper crop.  They are a good source of livestock feed in this horrible drought.  I know the Indians used them to make flour. 

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

We've gotten in to tie dying here too. How funny. The shirts look great. i will be watching to hear about the mesquite flour..I didn't hace a clue ylu couldmake flour and bread from mesquite.