Sunday, June 3, 2012


Yesterday we had a BBQ.  Dh decided we needed to cook ribs the night before, so I text son and dil and let them know and a couple of others.  Then yesterday morning MJ who is 15 build a fire in the bbq pit.  MN got beans on to cook and doctored up the bbq sauce with some guidance from me.  T and MJ cooked ribs along with D13 and MN off and on.  D13 made the yard look nice with the weed eater.  He likes to weed eat!  

Late afternoon saw family arriving.  We ate and kids swam and ate and hung out and fellowships and ate and ate and well we at a LOT of ribs!   The pot of beans which I wish MN knew how she seasoned were wonderful and gone before the evening was.

I didn't get the camera out, just took a few pics on my phone. 

Ribbs and watermellon make for clean faces.

D13, with a rib face!  He is getting so tall and grown up.

Stephen helping MN on her donkey.   She is just now starting to ride her.   She did really well.

Hanging out on the porch watching kids swim and just visiting. 

Granola found a exercise tram. garage saling yesterday.  It is now a wonderful bouncy toy for the littles.

I realized after everyone left that all of my children except 1 were there and all of my grand children except 1 were there.  I really don't know when the last time this happened.  I was highly blessed!   We had fun!

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