Monday, June 4, 2012

Potatoes Gathered.... sorta...

Yesterday I decided to harvest our potatoes.   Remember we did them in tires.   I was really bummed, they didn't do well at all.  We got very few potatoes.  I think they made, but for some strange reason in W. Texas they stayed so wet they rotted.   What I did find was an amazing worm bed.  Kids harvested and harvested earthworms to start a worm bed.  

Just as we were getting started I heard words that moms dread, "KITTENS!!!!"  Yep, there were only three, thank You God, kittens.  Mama is one of ours, we knew she had kittens and we even knew where they were until she moved them.  I really thought, (hoped) that something had gotten them since they were far from the house, in an old abandoned deer blind that had last been the home of several years worth of barn owls.   Nope, we now have three kittens in the house trying to make pets out of them instead of wild feral cats.   Good news is that they look the part Siamese, or in one case just flat strange.   I really wish the strange one would stay that color but I am guessing that the strange one will become black over time, but for now he is full of spit and vinigar and all tom cat. 

 This is the female.  Seems a friend just posted on fb today she is wanting a female. 

 Spit and Vinigar trying to whip Pepper through the cage. 
 Trying to get a picture that showes his color, it really as an almost blue cast.

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