Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Just a few pics...

It really is to hot to do much but hide out inside.   I did get a few pics.   I may do another post later with more of what different kids are up to.  These seem to be youngest Grand daughter for the most part.  

This was my Bible Buddy this morning.  He climbed up on my lap as I was journaling and parked where you see him.   He is a cuddle bug!

Grand daughter is mobile, not walking but she isn't 8 months old yet!   What she is doing is pulling up everywhere!   Some of her favorite pull up things are dogs.   She loves the dogs and they seem to love her.  I missed the pic. of her crawling under the rat terrier, or him dropping his toy in front of her and moving it just as she would grab it, then drop it again. 

Then she pulled up on my foot stool where there just happened to be a tiny kitten sleeping.  A SOFT kitten.   She loved the feel....

 And the taste!  

Just after she finished tasting this ear she decided to pull the whole cat off the stool and went backwards with a boom.    A few tears and she was back to chasing critters.

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~Tammy~ said...

Thank you for the pictures... I laughed SO hard at her tasting the kitty!