Tuesday, July 3, 2012

All Four Finished!!!

Count them FOUR!  Finished Quilts!  I managed to do all of them in less than a week.  That's pretty good for me.  No they aren't fancy, and seasoned quilters would laugh but they were done with love and I am proud of them.

Here is 2 year old with hers.  I found some faded looking pink into white blanket binding to do hers with.   She is our pink girl.

 She is also our serious one.  Getting a smile is hard.  I think she likes it.  

 I know her sister does!  She came and invaded the pictures! 

 Not a totally clear shot, but I loved it!   If you could have heard the sounds of cooing that were going with it.
 Then on to the big boy of the group!  His favorite color is yellow so a yellow binding.  
 I gave the little one her quilt on the floor to keep her distracted.   She found a buddy for it.  Or the buddy found her quilt and like her liked the feel.

 This may be my favorite picture!  Yes, she loves the kitten and the kitten was not making any effort to get away. 
 More of the 4, almost 5 year old showing off his cape er I mean blanket.  He thought it would make a good super man cape.
 Babies are just the best subjects!   I had to get one more of her!  

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