Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday! Full of blessings!!!

Church today was awesome.  We had an overflow crowd.  I think we counted just over 50 warm bodies ranging in age from 7 months up.  

 After church we had a tiny rain shower.  Left us thankful for each drop.  We are expecting more over this week.  Praying we get LOTS and it is over many days.  After that we checked out the garden.  Planting some sweet potato slips a friend gave me.  Pulling some weeds, and just enjoying a cool, but humid evening.  

Look at my birdhouse gourds!   They are over and under the netting to the garden.  I am trying to watch and make sure they stay totally that way.  The half and half ones get worked through.
 We are baby sitting this weekend.  Meet Squish!   She is about 20 months old.   She is a cuddle bug! 
 We are also keeping Squish's older brother and sister.   I put all of them to work.  See this nice pile of white dirt/rock?   It needs to be moved into the garden to rock the walk way and keep the weeds down.
 Yes, this is a BIG dog!  He is also a sweet dog!  Meet Grizzly!  Squish really likes him as you can tell!
 This is my favorite picture.  I wish my camera, on my phone, took better pictures.

Hope every one's day has been as blessed as ours.  The sun is about down, living room is filled with kids playing blocks, cars and other fun things.  Older kids are reading books are reading wish books, filled with books they want.  CBD wish books can be a bad thing in a house full of readers!

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