Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend recap and Monday around here!

A wonderful  friend shared his bounty of green chilies!  Two of the kids roasted them this morning and are now working on peeling them.

They make the house smell so good!
There were only two grocery sacks full so that made 2 pans full of roasted.

In other news we are starting to work on the bathroom that we (I) planned maybe 2 years ago. 

In doing this my dh unhooked the washer drain and also the upstairs shower drain.   It should be hooked up tonight.  I hope.  Until then no laundry.    I am excited.  As always my project grew into something larger than I started out with.  We will have a 1/2 bath and also a changing room for the family closet.

Today while kids roasted green chilies I worked on a birthday present for soon to be 5 year old grandson.  I had bought the material for his and his sisters back in the early spring when I realized I had not ever made them one.  So I planned on doing it.  Then didn't.  Perfect birthday present!   It turned out wonderful! 

 His favorite color is yellow so the back side plaid yellow will fit beautiful!   Then the cowboy hats, well that will just fit him to a T. 
OK off to see what else I can do today. 

No word from case workers on the letter I sent them.  

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