Sunday, July 1, 2012

Soft and Satin Blankie

Anyone else suffer from not doing something the easy way?   What started as a simple maybe hour project turned into a reather large project.  Youngest grand daughter LOVES to tuck a blanket next to her cheek to go to sleep.   I decided since I knew we had some scrap satin type material that was given to us to to use it and make her a "blankie".   Once I had the material dug out I discovered there was quiet a bit of it.  Most in pinks, purples, but some other colors.   I had a brain storm or something.  I decided that since I had so many all the littles would love one!  

I cut squares about 14x12, I decided on 3 squares by 4 squares.  They won't be huge, but will be easy to drag around.  I have all the tops made and one completed.   I started with the grand daughter I planned on making for.  

I think she likes it!  She was so sleepy.  I was holding her and she leaned over into the blanket and just laid there.  She didn't go to sleep, and in a bit she sat back up.   
I am very pleased at how it turned out.  I hope the others turn out the same way.  I have one color binding I don't think I will use.   I ask DIL to pick me up 4 blanket bindings, any color.  She did awesome on three, but the bright red just doesn't fit any of the colors in the blankets.  I can't decided if I want the binding to be bright and stick out or go with a milder color.  Of course it may depend on when I get around to finishing, before or after a town trip.

I may save the red for a binding on a blanket for the new grand son arriving in Nov. 


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Cute! I think she likes it!