Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bragging on Bosch and Prayer Request

I invested in a bosch mixer a little over 2.5 years ago.   We use it  a LOT.   The base where it attaches the bowl to the mixer started to break and chunk off.  I called the company that we bought it from.   They gave me a phone number to call and sent me a copy of my receipt.   I sent my mixer in about 3 weeks ago.  Three weeks without a mixer is tough, at least a heavy duty one.   Yesterday I got it back.   It is a new mixer.   Cost???  I am not sure if dh paid shipping I am guessing he did to ship it to them.    I did call and check on it last week.  He said he had only saw one other mixer do what mine did.  His best guess is that something went wrong in the mixing of the plastic for the base.   We have a mixer again!  We are thrilled. 

Now for my prayer request.  They said last Thursday we were doing respit over this weekend for said young lady.   We have heard nothing since.   I have just let it go.  If it happens it happens if not guess God has other plans.  I am battling a high level of frustration.   I do like to plan ahead and prepare.    Guess God is growing me some more!   Just pray that God opens doors, closes doors for this and everything adoption related in such a way that we have peace.  

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