Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playing with my Camera Just for Fun

This morning I was trying to get a picture of a hummingbird.  I am sure it is a migratory bird as I have never saw one this color.   His back is about the same color orange as a monarch butterfly.   Never did even see him this morning.  I did become distracted and just took some of other things. 

 Black cat!  I have been told it is Ghosty.  He was gray when he was little.   He is a funny cat.  He is sweet when you are sweet, but MN loves to make him purr and then he chases her around the house trying to climb her.  She seem to think he might hurt her.   Usually she ends up on the couch squealing like a sissy girl while the cat sits there flopping his tail back and forth.

 Lazy dog!   Freckles is very laid back and would rather snooze or let her ears be pulled than move.  She LOVES the littles, the younger the more she loves them.  9 month old is at the top of her list. 
 This is tiny dog, Grizzly, he is about 100 lbs, maybe more.   He loves to be petted.  Like Freckles he loves the kids.  
 Love this picture.  I was trying to  do burst of pictures.  It is hard to see the grasshopper he is dancing with.  
 More dancing cat.  Oh this is El Gato and the black cat is Spitfire. 

 This pretty bob tail cat is Simba who has extra toes even!   He has become such a beautiful cat that really lives up to his name.  
 Gourds in the garden.  Looks like the vines have about had it.  There are a few really pretty ones this year.  Now to figure out what to do with them.   Maybe I can sell them on some of the local FB swap pages.  
 Really sad looking butterfly.  It was the only one that would sit still to be photographed!
 More playing, there IS a butterfly on the sunflower!
Guinea nest, in the yard in the sunflowers!   I hope they hatch!  

That is all the playing for today. 

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