Sunday, August 5, 2012

Early Morning...

I have been curious as to if my little cow was still feeding her babies and if so how much milk she was producing.  I had MN separate her about noon yesterday.   Then this morning she was more than ready to see her babies.  Judging by the size and how tight her udder was she is giving LOTS of milk to her babies.   I think there are 11 kids left, not sure how many are still nursing, but this little group were waiting.  I plan on selling most of them this week and leaving just enough to keep her fresh.

While I was doing the cow I discovered the sun rise.  It was beautiful!

Not sure which is my favorite picture.  It was such a pretty sunrise, think it was God's gift, since this same sun is going to be extremely HOT all day.   Sorry for those of you who slept in and missed it, and the early morning nice temps that made setting on the porch drinking coffee oh so nice.  We could surely use some prayers for rain and a break in temps.   The thermometer seems to be stuck just below 110 every day. 

In other news we have a new adoption worker!  Ours retired after 25 years with CPS.   I pray she enjoys her retirement!   I haven't met our new worker yet.  I have emailed her three times and received THREE emails back!   That is impressive.   Please keep her in prayer as she tackles the job of adoption.  It can't be an easy job.   Specific personal prayers is she is large family friendly, homeschool friendly and likes us!  

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