Friday, August 24, 2012

Our Adoption Walk...

I don't talk a lot about our adoption journey because it seems bogged down.   I still search the web daily for kids.  I inquire on kids almost daily across the nation.   I hear nothing back or at most send us your home study. 

Wed. afternoon late I got a phone call.   It starts out "This is ???? from CPS and this is going to sound really weird."  At that point I had to laugh and tell her I do weird really well!  She said our home study keeps crossing her desk.   She was trying to get in contact with our case worker but she wouldn't return her emails.  I explained we have a new one and ask what child?  She gave me a name and I knew who.   :)  We started visiting and sharing.  I shared my concerns with this child.  She explained some of the things I was concerned with.   In the end I agreed we were still interested.  Last thing she said was she would have our new cw get in contact with us.   I have been trying to meet her but she hasn't had time. 

Thursday morning I had an email from said cw by 9 am.  We emailed back and forth throughout the day.  The bottom line is we will do respit for this young lady over the Labor Day weekend.  CW has to 'visit' before then.  She will be out Monday.   I had finally reached a comfort zone with our other cw that I wasn't overly stressed with having CPS in our home.   I am working hard to feel that way about the new cw but would like prayers that she see our heart, see our home as a home filled with love and adventures.   Honestly I have never had a bad experience with these workers.  I have heard and read and satan uses that to really play in my head.  

It doesn't help that I have the upstairs upside down already.  Between the girls "cleaning" their room and me working on organizing and getting rid of some stuff I have a mess or there!   Today we will work on dealing with those issues. 

I pray she likes animals :)  If not well it will prove interesting.   Three guinea pigs, maybe only 2 by Monday.   A cage of chicks, they go to their new home over Labor day weekend.   Kittens that need a new home.  Anyone want a super sweet super cute black kitten?  Or black and white?  I guess the good news is it isn't lambing season and cold!

I do know things can move really fast when God wants.   I saw that with our first three.  It went from come read this case file on Friday to them moving in the next Thur.   I like "weird" or out of the box thinking, which this cw seems to be into as I didn't even get a chance to suggest respit.  Locally that doesn't seem to happen.  When our cw ask if we could do respit I knew in my heart it would be Labor Day weekend.   We leave on vacation the middle of the next week.  Prayers please that all things fall into place.   I have some thoughts, that I am not even speaking.  Maybe prayers are closer, but God knows and He is in charge.

Over the next few days please pray that we will have peace as we prepair for this young ladies visit.  Please pray that as we meet this new cw we click.  I would love to share my love of adoption with others and help teach classes.  Next weekend please pray God's love and wisdom will shine and we will know yes or no.  There will be no doubt! 


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kathy said...

You portray such a confident assuredness that it was like I was reading something written by someone else. Doubt is what others have. Be listening for Gods guidance continue to be yourself. Don't fakify how yall live you live in the boonies with a house full of kids. Your house could never be model home perfect because you all are a living breathing family. You don't run a drug lab you don't do drugs you do care! So do the best u can. Pray God into it throughout & let things happen according to His plan & timing. Hugs.