Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Thumper!

Saturday while I was plowing the field I saw a little rabbit.  It moved out of my way, but it WAS cute.   I keep my eyes out for it and finally about noon saw it again.  I was ready for a break.   I called my DD on the radio.   Out she came.  I explained that right over there was a little rabbit.   Her eyes lit up.  Yes she IS my dd.   So we proceeded to to try and catch it.  Finally it ran under the double disk.  Since the disk was full of buffalo burs, think extremely stickery!  We called for re-enforcements, and gloves.  Finally rabbit made it's break again.   It ended up under the tread of the tractor tire.   That was all she needed.  As her brother was asking her if she needed gloves she was dragging bunny fufu out.   She quickly cuddled him and no he didn't even bite.
After much discussion she decided he would do better with buddies so she put him in with her guinea pigs.  

 What kind of rabbit?   Well it really isn't a rabbit, it is a hare.  Yes we are getting lots of play out of her and her hair er hare!   I have raised many cottontails over the years, but this is a first.  A full fledged jackrabbit!  

What I find interesting is this little stink is gentle, he is eating and drinking.  He will eat fruit and veggies out of your hand already.  He follows your hand around in the cage.   He and the pigs seem to get along.  They don't share treats well.  Hare gets his own treat. 


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