Saturday, September 29, 2012

God Blessed Us!

This 2 inches fell hard and fast this morning on top of 7 inches already on the ground. I zoomed in with my camera then blew it up to see from the porch as it was POURING. 
 After this 2 inches we got another 1.5 or so bringing the total so for to 10.25 inches since Thursday.

See the fence passed the water?  See the two post sticking up IN the water?  There was a fence there.  It is between our property and our neighbor.
 This is a cement water trough. DH says they are about a foot tall.   Oh there is a fence you can see with a T post in front of the water trough.    
 Same area, this is below our house, toward the middle pond.  This was a straight fence.  As you can see it is going going gone. 
 Same water trough from a different angel. 
 One more shot of in front of our house toward the neighbors property.
We haven't ventured out from around the house yet.  I do know we will need to move stock to the front side until fences are fixed.   I will post more once we break out the ranger and drive around, or walk.   Either way I want a break in the rain to do that. 

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