Sunday, September 30, 2012

This and That Rain Pictures ..

Some of these are from the day of the rain, some today.   
Peacocks do NOT like downpours!   My dh called them buzzards :)
 This was during the rain, this is taken from the school room door.  As you can see most of the area is underwater, with swift moving water toward ponds.
 Someone forgot to turn the water off for the pool!   Sure did flood a lot!  :)  

 Fences!   This is in front of our house while it was still sorta raining, and there was still lots of water running.  The water at the bottom is the pond, then the pond dam, then pasture (water) with fence post sticking up and no fence on them! 
 More fence issues.  This is a cross fence inside our land so not as big a deal.   The water in the background is the pond below the house, level full!  
A today picture of the fence between us and our neighbor.  See the post on the right and the wire with all the trash on the left, they use to be attached together.

 Cross fence again with the pond below the house in the picture.   This is a deep big pond.  It ran over a lot!

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