Monday, September 17, 2012

Leaving Palo Dura Canyon

Friday morning started with an early morning 6 mile hike for the kids and I.  Dh had a business meeting.   Yes I did say 6 miles!   This was early on the trail, just after daylight.  We hit the trail about 6:30, before dawn, Using the moon for light. 
 Same formation as we got closer and the sky brightened, sun still not up.
 Other side of the same formation, still waiting on sun up.

 Almost up, still walking! 
 This is the lighthouse formation, the place we were heading, 3 miles from the starting point!  If you in large the photo and look at the base of the left formation you can see an orange hat.  That is D13!  Everyone but D10 and I made it to the top.  I decided with 2 blisters forming not to scramble up the last .3 of a mile to the top.   It was neat the sun peaked over the ridge as I got to the base of the lighthouse.  
 Then we had 3 miles to hike back!
See the plastic sacks?  Since kids hike so much faster than I do I suggest they take a few sacks and gather some trash along the way.  It was sad to  see how quickly they filled them.  

 Late that afternoon we took a drive and found these beauties!  
Next morning we packed up and headed to New Mexico! 

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