Monday, October 17, 2016

Cement counter top the pour

I used pro finish 5000 to pour my top.  The top measures 22x50 by the thickness of the 2 inch side of a 2x4.  It took almost two sacks. 

Mixing!   We used an HLS tub, but next time will just use a 5 gallon bucket. One note use a thick walled bucket, not a thin walled one.  

Because I like the agate look I decided loading the frame with the pea gravel I had added to my experiments. I had planned on using a spray adhesive then sprinkle the pebbles in place.   Dh was afraid the white board would stick to the gravel on top.  It would have, but would have been sanded away. 

Filling the frame.  I think looking back the cement should have been slightly wetter. 

We used this old sander to vibrate the board to help get the air bubbles out. 

Once we had it sorta smooth we  then we sank the medal wire. This proved harder than we thought.  We would sink one side only to have the other side rise up. Finally it stayed.  

Done!! The waiting starts. 

I had to wait for the results, so do you.  

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