Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cement Countertop tweaking

Once the top dried it had a darker line length wise down the middle. Not sure why. But decided to do more sanding.  If I was going to sand I might  as well fight pin holes.  

I decided to use a syringe to fill the largest of the holes. Bust didn't work. Next I broke out my viberator sander. It is an old sander that the pad is not even good on. It really vibrates. 
I used a plastic feed sack to protect the sander. Mixed grout to thin peanut butter. Smeared it like a thick sandwich.  Laying the bag over and started vibrating.  As it dried out I misted it with water to keep it soupy.  I vibrate it over and over for maybe 5 minutes. 

Now we wait. 

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