Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cement countertop attempt preparation

I missed getting a few shots because I was focused on what I was doing.  I bought a white board in the paneling section of lowes.  I think they are used for bathroom paneling. It was slick water resistant and about $14.  I Discovered  the top sheet was damaged on one edge, so I ask if I could get a discount. I only needed 22 inches wide.  I got it for 1/2 price.  

Since I had 2x4s I decided to use them for the sides.  Ciutting two 22 inches, and two longer than  the 50 + 7 inches of the boards.   I then taped using wide clear tape the inside of the boards. Looking back I will also tape the top of the board.  

My dh trimmed the white board down from the 4x8' size to a more manageable size. You could trim to the  exact size plus frames. He turned the white board over to cut it and yep, scratched it.  First picture 

Being resourceful, I decided to tape it with clear tape.  Of course the tape wrinkled, and pulling it up did more damage so it was what it was.  

Time to attach the sides to the white board.  Carpet tape is double sliced.  We first attached it to the bottom of the boards. 

Line the board up with the line on the white board anfjpull the carpet tape.  We started it slightly before we lined it up.  Carpet tape isn't sticky until you press the carpet/board down so you can adjust.  

Next step Calk the edges.  We used white since we has white.  Most recommend an off color to be able to see it well. We let it dry overnight.  

We sit this up on the welding table made of pipe.  We put a medal door under the white board to keep it from sagging.   Then we leveled the top of the frame. After that we cleaned it well. 

Ready to pour. 

Close up of the corner calked seams. 

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