Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cement Countertop Unveiled

Waiting is hard. But we survived! Finally time to talke the mold off.  We had no idea how hard the carpet taped boards would be to remove. 
Surprisingly they were easy. Just pull from one end and it is off. You can see here how the cement ran between the boards a little.  Note to self Calk a tad better.  It didn't prove to be a Problem though. 

Boards all off, now we have to flip it and pull the white board off. No pictures flipping. See the white flecks?  That is white board so gluing the gravel wouldn't have been a big deal. 

Flipped and white board removed.  The good the bad and the ugly.  Remember that pea gravel I wanted to glue but dh didn't?   Well........

It seemed to pile in areas and the cement didn't flow around it well lesson learned, glue!  It is fixable as you will see later. 

The spot we taped looked like this.  Since I planned on grinding and polishing it isn't a big deal. It will grind off. 

Pin holds!!!! They are from either not vibrating enough or to dry cement. In this case I think dry cement. They are fixable, and even add to the countertop. 

Large gravel pile in the middle.  It has taken more work, but is fixable also.  Again glue!

That is the untouched flipped top.  Next installment will be fixing oops. So far I am still thrilled with it and it is fun. Time is more to a little then wait until tomorrow to do more. 

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