Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just for those not coming.........

Here is today's accomplishments....

Trash is done! I don't know how I ended up with two pans full but oh well I'm sure it will all be eatten. I followed the recipe........... as much as I ever do!
Onions are chopped, well MOST of them. I think each child can contribute chopping one onion. Celery is done. Both the chopped for dressing and sticks for snacking.
I do still have bread to crumble. I will do that in a bit and add my sage and poultry seasoning so it can blend for Thursday. Bread is thawed I think. That will complete today's check list.
Tomorrows check list includes....

Make pies (chess, pecan, pecan less pecan, pumpkin, coconut, apple, cherry)
Cook Sweet potatoes
Grandmothers Dip
tortilla Roll-ups
boil eggs
slice eggs

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for rubbing it in that we will not be there. We really are bummed about not being there.
Hugs to all, Tic and Dusty