Monday, November 30, 2009

Onions and Consequences

I don't like to nag. It makes me tired to nag. I'm sure many of you know exactly how I feel. I do tend to hand out earned consequences pretty good. We have a ticket system going that helps. Each child started with 22 tickets. They are each a different color card stock, cut into a ticket. DH can cut 22 from a sheet. They are responsible for keeping up with them. Tickets are worth .50 each on pay day, which was today. But, you only get paid on the tickets in your possession. If you loose some or all of yours oh well so sad, so sorry. MJ has lost all of his once, cost him that weeks earnings to get more, then he washed them once, he only has about 17 left. If they can't keep up with these then how will they keep up with $$$. They are to be kept in a ziplock.

Today I decided I wasn't going to nag. I REFUSE to nag. They all know what is expected of them. School and chores are required daily. They played over breakfast. I didn't say any thing. Now my tongue might have been bleeding. They chatted in the school room over chex party mix. I did say, "Lots of talking going on." Lunch was a drawn out afair. Chores were done off and on throughout the day, with lots of looking busy as they "worked". Tongue bled a bit more.

At 5 pm I ask for a count of how many lessons, including redo's they each had. T was finished, and lacked putting stuff back in the bathroom for chores. The rest well S had 15, MJ had 17, and MN had 10 including chores. They don't even have that many to START the day out. They seemed to have failed one or more quiz's today. That means they have to redo everything from the quiz before, and it all counts towards tickets.

Until about 4 pm I had no idea what I would do if they ran out of tickets before the week was over. About 4 I tripped over the sack of onions in the freezer. I bought 50#, have used oh maybe 10. These are nice LARGE strong onions. I planned on working on them daily and chop them all then put them in the freezer one onion per ziplock. PERFECT!!!! One finely chopped onion equal one ticket! MJ got to experience it since he needed one more ticket than he had.

S has about 6 tickets left, MN about 12, T about 18, and MJ is totally out. I wonder how the rest of the week will go? Some how I feel they will be much more motivated to do well in school and chores the rest of the week. If not...... well I have LOTS of onions and can buy more. I did mention in their hearing that we could do this for our friends and they could keep them in their freezer too.

MJ does a really good job of chopping them. I will suggest he fiddle around tomorrow so he can do more for me. I know all the others can't wait to join in on the fun. They can have a contest to see who can chop them the best! I may suggest that :)

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