Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Update...

To full to type? That pretty well describes how we have been all weekend. We have enjoyed the bounty of hosting. I don't know what is left. The fruit salad is about gone :( We did a double HUGE amount of it. Pies are going down. Looked like the ham was about gone. Lots of turkey left. Couldn't be the THREE turkey's we cooked. I was very disapointed in the one we fried with the cajun seasoning injected in it. It was just turkey, very very little spice. I even added a LOT more of the seasoning than it called for.

We did some re-arranging to put beds upstairs. Since it seems we are really getting the boys I need to start thinking of logistics of where they are sleeping and where their stuff will go.

DH has played er worked with the heavy equipment most of the weekend digging calchie to put on the road so we don't get stuck. His goal is to have a LOT done by Christmas and borrow a dump bed then and dump it on the road and pack it.

Kids have had a good holiday. I was very proud of the lack of melt downs and lack of issues this season. I was quite impressed with how well MN and S did on baking pies and other help. All the kids have grown so much. Not just in age, but emotionally also.

Compute area is back to being computers, not pies. It has been washed and re-set up for school tomorrow. Since our weather is going to be yucky most of the week I hope to get some inside things accomplished.

I do have a prayer request. Please keep the two boys we are adopting in prayer as they are given our picture book and told about us wanting them tomorrow. I don't know how long after that before we meet, or get to bring them home. The wait time has to be tough. The knowing your moving but not knowing when or really where with a 7 and 10 yo has to be very confusing.

My main computer is ill. It keeps giving me the blue screen of death. I am very pleased I decided to pay the $$ to have it backed up on line. A friend was quite pleased with the results and since I hate loosing pictures and other things I decided it was worth it. I hope it is something minor but if not other than the pain of setting it all up again I should be safe. Until then I am on my laptop.

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