Sunday, November 1, 2009

I figured something out!

I am not a gardener. I don't like it! I do it because I like fresh vegetables, but I don't do it well. I don't like weeding, I don't like watering, I don't like even harvesting them. I like cooking them and eating them. I am a little slow but I finally figured that out. I always struggle with a garden. I want one, I get it started but quickly loose interest. I do the token amount, but not with heart. I truly don't find satisfaction in it. It is WORK!

On the other hand I can work all day with livestock. I can be stepped on until the tops of my feet are black and blue. I can eat dust and blow dust out of my nose for days. I can walk the cold pens checking for babies. I can milk 7 days a week, rain or shine. I may not like it when it is cold, but I don't hate it. I look fwd to baby season. I am willing to spend a lot more time out there than in the garden. I will nurture babies and feed them multiple times a day, if/when I can beat MN off of doing it.

How I arrived at this knowledge was yesterday I went to the garden to harvest potatoes. The weeds have won yet again this year. I stood there looking at the weed jungle a while and finally wondered off to do something less stressful than fight weeds to get potatoes that may or may not be hidden under all the weeds.

Last night DS called and mentioned he had bought 50 heavy bred nannies. I started doing the happy dance! This afternoon I had the kids help me clean feeders so he could order feed. Then he will bring them out here. To most people cleaning that feeder that was half full of year old moldy decomposing feed would have been much more work than weeding the garden of every weed. Nope! I supervised and dug my share of yucky feed out. We all smell like dusty feed now.

While 50 nannies may sound like a lot to me it isn't. We will walk through them twice a day at least until they have all kidded and the kids are up and going. Then just once a day. I have a feeling since he bought these he will buy more :) :) :) !!!! In years past we have done over 500 bred sheep and goats over the winter.

It usually makes Thanksgiving exciting for some as most years we have to take time out to catch a sheep or goat that is having trouble kidding either before or after Thanksgiving dinner. There are usually bottle babies to feed and this year we have a cow due the Tue before Thanksgiving and another one due the 10th. So two cute baby calves for people to mess with. Besides the fact that when I get "peopled out" I can go check the pens. :) I love Thanksgiving and all the friends and family that come but I still like to stow away for a few quite minutes during the day. A walk through the pens is always calming no matter how many tag along.

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