Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend happenings..........

We started the weekend out with mom on the bobcat.   I wanted a new flower bed, rock walls of course.   So I found the rocks I wanted then we added dirt.  Here boys even grand son are spreading the dirt.  We added a few more rocks just to make it deeper before we quit.  I need to put wire mesh over it to "doggy proof" it.  Or doggy peafowl proof it.

See how much help the guy with the little shovel in his hand is being?  He really thinks he is dong as much as the big boys.   It won't be long until he is!  He turned three today!  (I am saving birthday pictures for mommy to post.)

MMMM DH BBQ ribs for lunch/supper/snack.... this weeks meals.   They are so good.   I was trying to get this young man to look at me. 
He thought that would require him turning loose of his rib.  That just wasn't going to happen! 
Finally I got him to look at me long enough to snap this picture!  He really is my grandson as he managed to clean his ribs as well as I do mine.  The dogs don't even like mine when I am done with them.  
I got to pay grandma and give second grandson his first rib.  
To say it was a hit is an understatement!  He did a great job of his first rib.  Taking it away was the hard part.  He finally gave it up without to much fight. 

I was sitting beside grand daughter.  I had been giving her bites, or licks off of my rib.  She has ONE tiny tooth so she wasn't doing much damage to it.   As I was eating she "snuck" one of the ate ones off my plate.  It was funny as her eyes were on mine as her hand reached over and got the rib.   I made sure it was not a choking hazard on that end and let her go with it.
Her mommy broke her heart when she took it away from her!  She had gnawed on it for a while then mommy was ready for her to get down.   She was NOT ready to give up her BBQ. 

It was a great day of family and food.  

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