Monday, May 30, 2011


We ran away for a long weekend.  We seldom go any where on a holiday weekend.  We went to a camping trip JUST for adoptive families. 

If you live in TX and are an adoptive family then mark your calender and contact COAC and plan on coming next year.  It was GREAT!  We had about 20 families, all adoptive.  All, I think, from the foster care system.  It was nice to have a group of people that get the issues that are dealt with on a daily bases. 

The camp was at Lake Whitney.  I had never been to the state park there, but would recommend it.  It is a very big park with lots of spread out camping areas.  Most of the slots are large and noise level is very low.
Lake was very rough.  I wouldn't have wanted to be in a boat.  The waves coming in were very much like ocean waves.

 MN is in the black and white, T is in blue, D12 is in the blue life jacket, D9 is in the yellow life jacket and MJ is in goggles.

 Doesn't this look like ocean waves rolling in?   They would crash hard enough at times to knock small children down.  The sound was just like setting on the seashore.

 DH's sister and BIL came out for the day on Sat.  They are "watching" the kids play in the surf.
It was a fun weekend!  Kids made lots of new friends.  We made new friends.   I didn't take pictures of kids because I didn't know if any wouldn't want to be on the blog so just took pics of ours on the beach. 

We were also having a discussion on which child had the largest calves.   Want to take a guess which set of leg muscles belong to which child.

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