Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Bible Time

I have tried many different ideas for doing Bible as a family of a morning.  We have taken turns reading, we have listened on the computer.  I have read devotionals.  I think for now anyway I have found a wonderful Bible time.  The kids look fwd to it.  They are growing and learning and I also get a peek at where they are and what they are thinking.   My latest idea was buy several different devotional books. Then each child is required to find a devotional and read it. I had a teen devotional, just a devotional and one called Battlefield & Blessings devotionals.

 I soon realized this was the favorite book, so I supplemented it with another one. 
The other two or three devotional books I had bought ended up on the table not being used at all.   Kids love the stories.  They aren't easy to read or hear some days.  They are real and not sugar coated.  They touch on life and death.   They ask that I get some of the others so now we have I think 5 of them.   Kids look fwd to Bible every day.
What we do is every child is ask to choose their devotional before Bible time.  They book mark it.  Then we choose numbers to see who reads first.  They read the story they picked.  I then ask why they picked that story.  How it spoke to them.   They share and the others join in.  Some times the discussions are very deep and very eye opening as to where their heart is or what is on their heart.  
There is lots of food for thought in these books.   They are very real, which is what my kids like about them.  They are history, which the boys really like.  They are human in the people share from their heart, not some sweet little devotional that is more fluff than meat.   
I have found the books on Amazon and buy which ever one is cheaper as I add to our collection.   I might even pay full price for them, they are that good.   

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