Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday already

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

That's what I have been doing. We were "selected" for 2 boys last week after much talking and emailing between us and case worker. We mailed off our "Life Album" yesterday for the boys. I have been talking and emailing the foster mom. We are waiting on approval of a waver to homeschool. It has been approved at the local level and we are waiting to hear at the state level. Boys are 7 and 10. Case worker is thinking about Christmas or New Years they should be here. I just smile and think I serve an awesome God and His timing is perfect. If He wants them here sooner..... :)

I have to admit we have been close before so many times and gotten all excited and had our dreams dashed by something beyond our control. I try hard to look at it as God closing that door because He has something better in store. I have struggled to not allow me to be excited and plan and dream to much. I may be putting beds in the boys room the night before they are to come!

As we go fwd in adoption we find the bus that we were waiting on to come back from HI isn't coming anytime soon. This company we are/were buying it from sends 2 new buses every 2 years to HI and brings the old ones home to resell. Each time the HI company holds the old buses for a few weeks to make sure the new work well. This year BOTH new buses blew their motors. So they aren't turning loose of the old buses. In fact looking at the web site where we were getting ours. It looks like the two new buses are now for sale! Anyone want a pretty blue 15 passenger bus with a new motor? The motor just happens to be a Ford 6.0 which seems to not be Ford's best design. As we look for a different bus we are finding LOTS of 6.0's and gas and not many others, none that are 4x4. So again we have to trust God and KNOW His plan is better and He will lead us to what He has for us.

In other news Thanksgiving plans are in full swing. We sent off the first round of invitations yesterday. I know we will hand out more and think of others we want to invite and I have some I need to email invitations too since I don't have addresses, but do have email. This is DS#2's year to go to DIL's families. So we will miss them. I haven't printed off my shopping list yet or my early to do list. I do need to make cornbread and biscuits to freeze. If I make and don't freeze I have to beat children off with a big stick and then have none left to freeze.

We are blessedly green! God is so blessing us with lots of wonderful rain. That leaves our road a total disaster! I keep thinking maybe we could do without a 4x4 bus, then think about getting out WITH 4wd on occasion, like yesterday morning! I am thankful for the rain, don't fuss about the mud or the road. We are blessed!


becky.onelittle said...

I'd get the 4X4 bus :) I just got my 15 passenger van stuck in the mud. Thankfully I had no kids in the car, just one really sick dog. A giant dump truck towing a big flat bed trailer drove by and pulled me out with chains. Hehe. I will never off road again ;) So excited to hear about the boys.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Ah - two boys. What a blessing for all....I'll be praying with you.

I need to get busy and see if I can find a turkey around here....I can't even find a whole chicken...honestly. At the Japanese store they sell strips of meat...but not steaks, roasts, whole chickens....and the commisssary doesn't carry ANY fresh chicken as they can't get it here before it spoils...or some such thing.... They have lots of pork everywhere....I try not to ask much and just eat when out and about....

Love reading about your preparations and realizing thanksgiving is really just around the corner. I feel like we can settle down now that we have a phone (Mike and Jared accosted a phone man up on a pole, pulled him into our home and got our phone working LOL - now for the rest of the computers)...a home....I just want to cocoon at home for a time....